Maxi Shilov is a multidisciplinary designer and art director with a strong devotion to northern aesthetics. 
He was born not far from the Northern Pole in a family of founders of Solovki Museum, obtained classical 
humanitarian education at a State Higher Institution and made every endeavour possible to dwelve into to design. 
Over the past years he has worked for Republico Communications Bureau to create identities for some of the most 
exciting city projects of St. Petersburg (Aurora Fashion Week, Demetra Art Hotel, Kuryokhin Center, Oh,my etc.), 
has teamed up with others creative individuals to take part in Do It Together collaboration project that 
is aimed at territory branding. Has read lectures and carried out workshops.

Has worked with:

Audi / Aurora Fashion Week / British Council / Demetra Art Hotel / Heineken / Hermitage Museum
Kuryokhin Modern Art Center / LBi (Syrup) / Nike / Oh, my / Perfetti van Melle / Puma / PepsiCo
Sevmash Shelf / Solid Investment Group / Tvoe